Our Values

At McClain & Canoy we bring value not only to each matter, but also to the things that matter. Our core values are the foundation that guides our work and our culture.


Not quantity. There is a place for the billable hour. Sometimes it’s the fairest, most cost-effective way to provide legal services. But more often than not, it leads to unhappy clients and miserable lawyers. We think the evidence is compelling that using billable hours as a proxy for success penalizes women and minorities. There are no minimum billable hours at McClain & Canoy; our lawyers are rewarded for results: quality work product, efficiency, client satisfaction and service to the community and profession. We offer alternative fee structures including capped fee, fixed fee, retainer and shared success arrangements.

Achieving Goals

We all have goals: you do, we do, our businesses do. Personal or professional, long-term or short-term, these goals challenge us to improve. While improvement and achievement can often be difficult, difficult does not mean impossible. Our skilled attorneys are equipped with the experience and enthusiasm necessary to bring success to each of your matters. We treat your goals like our own, offering effective results that allow you to attain your targets. Whether that involves navigating complex legal matters, making this quarter’s numbers or spearheading technological advances in the health care sector, let’s get there together.


It’s not just an aspiration at our firm. It’s why we exist. As a certified Minority- and Women-Owned Business (MBE/WBE), we strive to advance minorities, women, parents and caregivers in the legal profession. We focus on creating opportunities for the many talented people we know are out there: brilliant, experienced, dedicated women and men who have been under-represented in the profession for too long. We recruit the best lawyers from every stage of life and welcome the diverse perspectives they bring to the firm. Our goal is to not only reflect the diversity of our clients, but also the diversity of our clients’ clients and their communities.


Fairness. Stability. Opportunity. McClain & Canoy is committed to balance in every sense of the word. We bring balance to our clients by providing premier legal services at reasonable prices. We bring balance to our attorneys by creating employment opportunities that integrate a healthy blend of work and life. We bring balance to our industry by keeping women, minorities and caregivers in the legal profession. And, of course, we bring balance to our clients by providing high-quality and pragmatic legal services at the most cost-effective prices.

Our drive for quality, achievement, diversity and balance is not only the basis for our business, but also the foundation for building relationships and delivering results for our clients.