health care enforcement maze

Reflections on the Health Care Enforcement Environment

I made my regular pilgrimage to Baltimore for a healthcare fraud and compliance conference a few weeks ago. It is a depressing scene if you care about innovation and stewardship of tax dollars. And if you believe the measure of a society is how it tr… Read More
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Keeping Problem Employees…

Keeping Problem Employees From Becoming Legal Issues

Most companies have them.  The “problem employees” – unhappy, disgruntled, overly sensitive, complaining, unethical, negative, potentially belligerent or otherwise exhibiting inappropriate conduct in the workplace. Read More
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Reducing the Risks of PHI…

Reducing the Risks of PHI Disclosures in Mass Mailings

Last week a large health plan made news in a highly unenviable manner. It came to light that the company had sent out 12,000 notices to policyholders across the U.S. in envelopes that revealed highly sensitive HIV prescription information. Read More
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Learn From Uber's Privacy…

Learn From Uber's Privacy and Security Mistakes

This week the FTC entered into a Consent Order with Uber Technologies regarding Uber’s privacy and information security practices. The FTC concluded that Uber misrepresented its privacy and security practices in express assurances given t… Read More
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